Monday, October 4, 2010


Has Mommy got her hands full or what?!


No, not a black eye, just dirt.

Playdate with Jakey

Back in June we had a playdate with my friend Jakey. He's a few months younger than me but a whole lot bigger!

First we played a lot in my water table. I got us thoroughly soaked. Good times!

Then we stripped down, dried off, and ate some crackers on the couch while watching Phineas & Ferb.

Finally it was nap time but Mommy thought we were too cute not to get a photo together!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Room Addition part 3

Finally the room was done, everything was textured, painted, and the carpet installed.

There even ended up being the perfect wall to put my crib/toddler bed against!

Mommy is so glad everything is done and we have a whole extra room to use. Too bad my big bubba spends most of the time he's over in it playing video games. Mommy says it's "her new room" and she's spent the least amount of time in it, but we did only get the couch 3 weeks ago so there's plenty of time to enjoy it with me!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Room Addition part 2

More framing and work into our master bedroom so they could install a new beam.

Finally the drywall was hung!

Family Photos

A few weeks ago, Mommy and Daddy took me to the beach to have our picture taken with our whole big crazy family. This included Bubba and Sissy, their mommy and stepdaddy Jon, and their other brothers (and my brothers from another mother) Brogan and Kellen. This very nice lady named Carla came to take the photos and was super patient with me even though the adults screamed and scared me when big waves were coming in (no one remembered to look up the tides). We will eventually have our photos printed and framed at the house, but you can see a few of them on Carla's blog:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Room Addition part 1

Deconstruction - first phase of the new room:

Installation of new floor/ceiling beams:


Find an egg...pick it up. Carry around basket with eggs in one hand and additional egg in the other hand.

Dump all the eggs out back onto the ground...

Hold the monkey basket up so Mommy can attempt to take one picture with my adorable face in it. I keep telling her she needs to just cave and use the big camera with the high speed shutter instead of her little portable cameras.

I didn't really understand Easter egg hunting until Daddy opened the "eggs" for me to show me the candy inside. Jelly beans were my favorite. I eventually started looking for the eggs again, but would shake them to see if it made a jelly bean sound before deciding whether to give the egg to Daddy to open or just throw it back on the ground.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Feet

I like to dance. Especially to music in the cartoon Phineas and Ferb on Disney. This is the song "Gitchee Gitchee Goo" by Phineas and the Ferbtones. Mommy also says my style reminds her of the penguin in Happy Feet.

We've been up to a lot with the room addition, but Mommy says she will only post stuff once the carpet has been installed and her house is back to normal.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dalton vs the Trashcans

During the construction of our new upstairs room, my house has been a complete disaster. However, the construction men leave me lots of toys to play with - including this huge trashcan to throw stuff away in. So much less complicated than the one Mommy has in the kitchen. And look! Plenty big enough to throw almost anything into it! But why does Daddy keep taking the trashcan out of the trash? Doesn't a trashcan belong in the trash?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mommy's Trip to Minnesota

Mommy went on her first trip without me over New Year's to be the Matron of Honor in Auntie Courtney's wedding. She traveled all the way to Minneapolis, Minnesota on a plane and then drove to Anoka, Minnesota to stay with Courtney and (her now husband) Tom. Here is a photo Mommy took of downtown Minneapolis and another one of the frozen over Mississippi.

Here is the cute little salon where all the bridesmaids got their hair done. More impressive than the hair, I got the cutest pair of wool fleece lined mittens here! My only Minnesota purchase.

From the salon, we went straight to the chapel to get everyone dressed for the ceremony. It was held at the Fort Snelling Military Chapel just outside Minneapolis.

After Mommy and the other bridesmaids made sure that Courtney got hitched, it was off to the reception at a local golf course - like everything else - covered in snow. The high on the day of the wedding was -5, with a low of -18. Below are photos of Mommy posing outdoors (no frostbite!) and sledding in her bridesmaid dress just to show all her California friends and family. Yes, that is her breath in the first photo and she did actually wear long underwear and ugg boots under her bridesmaid dress.

Other than the wedding, Mommy spent most of her time participating in wedding related events (usually eating) or sleeping. She also got to visit the Mall of America, but spent most of the shopping time trying to find a wrap to wear with the bridesmaid dress (and didn't even wear it in the end).

Christmas 2009

Our Christmas this year was very low key - kinda nice! Mommy, Daddy, and I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning alone together. I opened my presents before Bubba and Sissy came over from their mommy's house, but really didn't care too much after opening the first one. It made sounds and had flashing lights! Mommy thought I would like just ripping the paper off stuff (she even wrapped up a toothbrush to put in my stocking), but I didn't quite get into it like I did at my birthday.

When Bubba and Sissy came over, they brought back Daddy's Tigger Christmas hat and decided to put it on my head. I promptly pulled it down over my face to hide from the camera.

Halloween 2009

Mommy decided it would be cute to dress me up as a little old man. Unfortunately, due to the bow tie, I look like a drunk little old man. I went to exactly 5 houses to trick or treat (since it was way past my bedtime to begin with).

Maryland Trip (October 2009)

Way back in October, right after I turned 1 year old, Daddy took Mommy and I out to visit Maryland. We were lucky enough to stay with friends of his family in the house right next door to where he used to live! This was in Cape St. Claire right on Chesapeake Bay. I got to play around on the shore with sticks and walked up and down collecting rocks and polished sea glass. We also went out on a boat - I wasn't too sure about it, and hated my life vest, but eventually settled down and enjoyed the ride.

We visited the Naval Academy (where Daddy went to school) on a couple different occasions. The first time, we walked around the campus to see the buildings. The second time we went to shop. Here's a photo of Daddy and I at Memorial Hall.

We also spent a good amount of time eating. Our second night there, our family and the Schneiders (our hosts and their kids and grandkids) had a traditional Maryland blue crab picnic dinner on newspaper and picnic tables. I managed to sleep through the entire evening, but they bought enough crab for another night's dinner so I got to see how it was done. Daddy and Mommy say its a good thing I like seafood!