Friday, February 20, 2009


Tonight, after getting the go ahead from our pediatrician, I tried my very first "solid" meal of rice cereal.  And of course, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!  Check out the video (above) and pictures (below) of me and mommy making a complete mess while I sit on the dining room table in my Bumbo.  Daddy did an excellent job recording the event.


Sunday, February 8, 2009


We haven't been up to a whole lot lately.  Mostly just coaching and trying to figure out a daily routine including naps and sleep.  I still want to eat every 3 hours (this includes during the night) so Mommy gets frustrated with the lack of consistency.  Even so I still have time to hang out with my boys:Mommy and Daddy also realized that I love to hang out upside down!  I can be in the midst of a good screaming session and burst out laughing if they just invert me.  Here are some photos of me playing and getting tickled on Daddy's lap:

I am also figuring out how to roll from my back to my tummy.  I know Mommy likes to put me on my tummy, and that when I'm in that position I can push myself up and try to push off stuff with my legs, but I still don't go anywhere.  Ergo, I get easily frustrated with the lack of mobility.  Here is a photo of me rolling onto my tummy for the first time (without the aid of a soft, slightly depressed bed) and my best second effort.  No one told me how tiring this stuff could be!