Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The 1st Blog

Welcome to Baby Gray's official blog.  For all of our family and friends both near and far, this will be the primary method of showing off our new little bundle of joy (once he arrives of course)!  I've been told that my days of comprehensive diatribe to all in my address book are numbered...

That being said, I have approximately 2 weeks until my due date with not a single recognizable sign of impending labor!  No contractions (real or false), no nesting (who wants to clean when its in the 90s with 70% humidity), I still have my innie belly button, and the little guy has not dropped (i.e. he's remains a pain the ribs).  

Here are a couple of photos of me for pure entertainment value and I'll try to get some up of his "nursery" corner once I get it a bit more presentable.

Da Belly