Sunday, May 31, 2009


I've been up to a lot of no good lately despite Mommy trying to keep me busy. We are trying to go swimming at least a couple days a week now that Grandpa's pool is done. Too bad the May grey weather has put a temporary damper on that situation - I'm hoping June isn't as gloomy!

Daddy and I also accompanied Mommy to help her coach her little girls at their first soccer tournament. She coached 8 games (2 teams, 4 games each) over a 2 day period. The girls played amazing while Daddy and I hung out. Check out my sunscreen fauxhawk and the piece of licorice Daddy seemed to think it was ok for me to eat.

I am also crawling EVERYWHERE and have figured out how to pull myself up - on the couch, on the chairs, against the sliding glass doors, using mommy's legs, on my toys, and even on the stairs. Mommy has her hands full once again - she needs to be careful what she wishes for!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just Keep Swimming...

Mommy signed me up for swim lessons!  I go once a week to my official swim lesson at a very nice and warm indoor pool.  We sing songs and splash and eventually I'll even get to go under the water.  Here is a picture of me and Mommy at our first lesson:

Also, just in time for summer, Grandpa John's pool got completed and heated!  So, on days I don't have lessons, I can go splash around with him and Mommy's cousin Rachel in that pool - although it is outdoors (sunscreen - makes for a slippery baby but a REALLY cute faux hawk) and a wee bit cooler than our lesson pool.  So far I have only gone in the small pool (unheated hot tub) because the big pool was not done heating up.

Although you can't see them, I have two very cute pairs of swim trunks: a Quiksilver pair (because, yes, I am a blonde-haired blue-eyed California surfer boy) and a Finding Nemo pair.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms we know!  Here is a photo of what I got Mommy for her first official Mother's Day:
Daddy helped me pick it out.  I think it's more for me, but we have fun playing together.  She makes the engine rumble and I spin the tires or chew on the lights.  Then Mommy will roll it across the floor to see if I'll go get it.  Most of the time I'm too lazy to scoot after it and just find another toy that is closer to where I'm sitting.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


So Mommy once again realized how lazy she had gotten at updating my blog and figured there were plenty of things going on with me to tell everyone about now that I'm 7 1/2 months old.

I made my first trip to a major soccer tournament last month when Bubba was playing State Cup out in Lancaster.  Mommy hated Lancaster.  I wasn't such a big fan either since it was super windy and cold - and a 3 hour drive each way.

Mommy and Grandpa John also took me to Sea World for the first time.  I wasn't nearly as impressed with the animals as I was with all the other kids running around.  Also Mommy and Grandpa completely failed at taking any adorable pictures with the exception of my first experience with a starfish.  Mommy had even faux-hawked my hair with sunscreen!  Oh well, next time.

And most importantly I am mobile!  I can effectively scoot forward pulling (mostly) and pushing myself towards something I want.  My main problem at this point is that I really just want to walk, so I'll get up on my hands and the soles of my feet, but then have no clue what to do next.  I see Mommy and Grandpa crawling around to show me what to do but I think they're silly since they can just get up and walk.