Friday, October 24, 2008

One Month Plus

I turned one month old last Friday! Of course Mommy had her hands full with me...
Mommy did get a Moby Wrap although we're still learning to use it.

Here is what is going on in our world:
  • Weight - 9 lbs, 2 oz
  • Height - 21.5"
  • Milestone - when Mommy lays me on my tummy I can pick up my head and turn it to the other side all by myself!
  • Other (good) stuff - I let Mommy shower most days by hanging out in my bouncer and we are slowly settling into a routine where I only wake up 2x a night (but this means I like wake up between 4-5am for the day) and go promptly back to sleep.
  • Other (not so good) stuff - Sissy Keegan had to have her appendix removed (stupid useless organ).
  • Mommy is preparing to tackle the girls' varsity head coach position at her old high school!

Check out these recent photos of us too:

My first trip to Dave & Busters - look at all the tickets I won!

Mommy and me napping on the couch.

Hanging out on my play gym blanket. The gym part is still a bit overwhelming.

Mommy Sucks at Blogging

But that's because I won't let her put me down to type - I'd rather sleep, eat, poop, and do all the other wonderful things that I do while she's holding me...ALL DAY LONG. So while her belly is still smushy, her upper back is getting ridiculously strong! Mommy is hoping this won't last too much longer since it's usually that darn Moro reflex (think super spastic field goal signal) that ruins nap time.

Friday, October 10, 2008

For such a small thing...

...I sure do keep Mommy's hands full!  I definitely sleep best when someone is holding me - usually Mommy, but thankfully Grandpa John and Oma Sondra come over to help her out.  She is hoping to get a sling or wrap carrier.  Here are some pictures of me sleeping through my big sister's soccer game last weekend.  Check out the moose on my onesie.

Mommy now knows that a 4 hour nap, a feeding, followed by another 3 hour nap does not make for a good night's sleep!

We also had a nurse from Children's Hospital come do a home visit last week and I was a 1/2 ounce shy of 8 lbs - meaning I have essentially grown out of my newborn clothes.  The nice lady is coming back next week to check my vitals and weight again and give Mommy more reassurance that I am great and she is doing a fantastic job.