Monday, January 17, 2011

2nd Birthday - September 2010

I had such a good time at my party back in September. Mommy invited a whole bunch of my friends and her friends to celebrate! We had sandwiches, snacks, juice for my friends, sodas & beer for Mommy's friends, and water for everyone! Mostly we just all ran around and played in the backyard.

Later, Mommy helped me open some gifts.

Then I got to eat my cupcakes that Mommy baked.

Finally, before everyone went home to bed, we took a picture with 2 of Mommy's very good mommy friends and their sons (and Ryan, a daddy).

Hawaii - August 2010

Mommy has gotten her hands full with taking care of me as a toddler, the older two kids, and her ongoing soccer "career" (both playing and coaching) meaning she has less and less free time to update this until I can take over! So the next couple posts will be a 2010 Year in Review to catch everyone up with our fun and antics...beginning with our trip to Oahu, Hawaii!

We obviously went to the beach a few times - I wasn't too sure about the sand, but loved being in the water with Mommy, Daddy, or Sissy holding me.

I slept through the luau at the hotel...

spent a lot of time having the wind blow through my hair with a huge grin on my face as we drove around the beautiful island...

and even found our very own DOUBLE RAINBOW from the parking lot on top of the Best Buy!

Mommy and Sissy had such a great time hanging out, playing in the waves, and taking pics that we might try to go again in 2011!